The rare breed of superhumans learning how to juggle their clinical practice, personal lives, lifelong academic learning, training of students, and the occasional academic teaching or paper publishing.

To-do list

Two assessment reports, three upcoming assessment preparations, at least two supervision log records, tons of readings, research thesis write-ups for results and discussion chapters, financial analysis for an investment I’m eyeing (a little hobby of mine) and scheduling peer supervision sessions.

The morning

As I’m writing this article, I’m running. Running to the Pediatric Clinic where I am supposed to spend my morning seeing patients. I run because the first appointment is at 9am, it is currently 8.52am, and the clinic is a 5-minute run away. I run because I’m counting at the back of my head, realizing that 3 patients are scheduled and fully aware that a fourth or fifth may decide to “walk-in”. I run because I know the nurses get irritated if patients are there and I am not. I also run, because, my field supervisor will be there. THE…

Is the topic haram*?

Let’s get this straight. This is not the toes-curling, ecstasy-causing state that leads to a loss of speech, “out of body” experience, and sense of freedom; making you feel like screaming, or yowling like a wild animal.

Little did I know

I once thought that once I completed my theoretical year crammed full of subjects, assignments, and examinations my life would be infinitely better as the second clinical year would “just be about work and reports right?!”

Clinical Psychos

Malaysia has been in lockdown since 18th March 2020 to effectively curb the spread of the COVID-19; we have had a Movement Control Order (MCO aka total lockdown), a Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO aka the Raya sprint for freedom), a Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO aka almost back to the norm), and clusters of Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO aka the 14-day killjoy). In the midst of a third wave of the virus, Selangor is presently placed under a 14-day Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) where schooling, religious activities, and recreation happenings are prohibited.

I help you, you help me

The idea of codependence is an affront to most people: I behave like this because I LOVE HIM/HER, and they wouldn’t function so well without me, and get this…They need me!


The hum of the air conditioning. The muffled footsteps of someone walking past the therapy room. Far-off sirens from an ambulance. The silent whoosh of air as you let out a deep breath. And amazingly, the almost inaudible ticking from your watch.

When was it again?

Well, it’s over for the current 2020/2021 academic year. Most programs have their interviews between June to early August each year, with this year happening slightly later because of the…well you know, COVID-19. One or two programs from private universities have their interview twice a year and are kind enough to hold places for selected promising candidates. So, if you’re reading this article and have not heard back from places you’ve applied, next year is the key *wink. And since you’re here, I present to you…the Infinity Gauntlet to passing your interviews!

Normal vs Abnormal Symptoms

Sweaty armpits, wobbly legs, heartbeats as loud as…

Choppo nervosa

There is this amazing phenomenon occurring globally at all hair salons. Customers pore excitedly over hairstyles and unicorn colors with the precise instructions on how to help their hairstylist achieve it. They imagine themselves perched precisely over the cushy chair, waving their hands at their hairstylist and presto!Blake Lively or Beyoncé. Or Dilraba Dilmurat, if they’re Asian. After the miracle, they walk away; heads higher and 5 inches taller.

Public and Professional Behavior

Feet tapping in angst and disbelief that you are at a mental health clinic, you burrow deeper into the plush couch trying not to think about who last laid his hopefully-not-dandruff-ridden head where you are leaning back towards. Big sigh.

Evelyn Ngui

Inspired by those who never refrain from sharing information. Budding psychology-entertainer, I am reachable at

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